How you breathe is a reflection of how you feel inside. 

Welcome to I Just Breathe.

Breathwork is a therapeutic process that is meant to be used as a tool to access parts of oneself that aren’t apparent or easy to get to on the surface. It is an avenue to access the inner playground; it is an active meditation that by occupying the mind, to create space for the body to heal physically, emotionally and spiritually. It is a way to experience and tangibly feel your energy, detect blocks and patterns that lie in the body.

This technique takes us out of the beta brain waves to the creativity of the alpha and theta waves. Breathwork is a practice that can aid in letting go of old habits, narratives, conditioning, fears and traumas.

It helps unwire  any conditioning from childhood, cultural or even past lives. It helps release pre-natal memories/trauma that may be stored in the body.

This practice can also assist in realigning your inner world for clarity, inspiration, and a greater sense of embodiment. People can have a psychedelic like experience by just the dimple act of conscious breathing.

Breathwork moves stuck energy and releases it to allow for expansion within. As an active practice it can bring up emotions, but the body won’t bring up anything it isn’t ready to heal. Just surrender to the BREATH!

Let me support you in your quest for healing and personal expansion.