Breathwork Sessions

Part 1

Set up for the practice and instruction of the Breath technique; 30 minutes ​ Facilitator will arrange the participants as they arrive. Participants will each have their own designated space on a yoga mat with the desired blankets and pillows for comfort.

Gina Avellan
Gina Avellan

Part 2

Breath Technique for about an hour;​ Everyone’s experience is completely unique and each time you do it, it will be different. As you open up to the breath you will experience a wide array of body sensations, emotions and thoughts and the energy will rise and move quickly. During the hour, music will be played to guide the experience and the facilitator will use some touch to assist participants.

Part 3

Rest/reset and closing; 30 minutes ​ Once the hour is complete, participants will be asked to end the practice. For 10-15 minutes the group will lie quietly. Sharing and questions will be addressed once the group convenes and the facilitator will close the session.

Gina Avellan

The typical BreathWork Session will last approximately 2 hours.